Virgin Trains travel blog

Copy of "Virgin Trains travel blog", Virgin Trains

Content strategy and article production for launch of new Virgin Trains blog

The Work

Content audit, Keyword research, Audience research, Content taxonomy, Content calendar, Article research, Brand TOV review, Copywriting

The Project

Flesh out the Virgin Trains site with quality content. The Virgin Trains website was struggling in search rankings due to thin content. A new blog was needed to provide rich content, useful to users and valuable in search algorithms.

The Approach

Produce articles around train destinations. I conducted a content audit alongside audience and keyword research, from which travel tips emerged as popular content among Virgin Trains’ target search terms. A travel blog was proposed, for which I developed a content taxonomy and calendar, while writing articles for its launch in Virgin’s vibrant tone-of-voice.

The Result

Content focused on user needs. The blog grew into a fully-fledged travel guide while Virgin Trains organic search visibility increased by 21% within a year of its launch.

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