Virgin TV Edit

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Content strategy & research for launch of new Virgin TV online magazine

The Work

Landscape analysis, Audience research, Content audit, Content taxonomy, Information architecture, UX & interaction design, Brand TOV review, Chatbot copy & imagery

The Work

Landscape analysis, Content audit, Keyword research, Audience research, Content taxonomy, Content calendar

The Project

Online content fit to promote broadcast programming. Virgin Media’s TV packages brimmed with premium programming, but the website lacked a content destination to match. For its relaunch as ‘Virgin TV’ a publishing platform commensurate to the service’s quality was needed.

The Approach

Audience-first, empirically-based. I undertook an in-depth audit of competitor content (both in and out of market), using data analysis to understand what content would resonate with Virgin’s audience, and tie it — through search and social trends — to the available subject matter.

The Result

Industry-leading branded publishing platform. This data-driven, audience-focused approach informed a comprehensive content taxonomy and calendar, underpinning a successful launch of Virgin TV Edit which continues to drive thousands of brand engagements a month.

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